Industrial Blueberry Washing Machine

Industrial blueberry washing machine is specially designed for washing and cleaning of large quantity of blueberries. For its great nutrition, blueberry is popular among healthy awareness people all over the world. For they are very delicate, they should be handled with great care. Thanks to rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can customize commercial blueberry washing and cleaning machines to meet customer needs and requirements. Please contact us now for tailored solution.

bluberry washer and cleaner supplier
Industrial Blueberry Cleaning Machine

Customized Blueberry Cleaning Machine

In light of the delicate quality of blueberries, we design and develop industrial blueberry cleaning equipment carefully. Firstly, the blueberries are washed and cleaned gently with water flow. Secondly, extra water spraying devices are used to clean blueberries a second time. Thirdly, since the weights of blueberries are different, we can install second layer of lifting system to separate the lighter ones and heavier ones. What’s more, the industrial blueberries washer and cleaner is installed with effective filtering system, which can retain the leaves and dirt efficiently.

Features of Industrial Use Blueberry Cleaner Machine

1.Custom design. The industrial blueberry washing equipment can be customized designed to suit clients’ needs and requirements, like capacity, foot print, layout, and so on.
2.Robust structure. The whole structure of the commercial blueberry washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which make the machine durable and sanitary.
3.Easy to clean and maintain. Due to innovative design, the industrial blueberry cleaning equipment can be easily cleaned and maintained, reducing breakdown time.
4.Easy to operate. With central panel, one worker can simply operate the blueberry washing machine.
Great investment. In fact, except blueberries, the industrial vegetable and fruit washer machine can wash and clean a great variety of leafy vegetables, delicate fruits, herbal leaves, and so on.

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