Industrial Broad Beans Flavoring Machine

Industrial broad beans flavoring machine is used to add flavors and seasons to fried broad beans. Fried flavored fava beans are popular snack foods and side dishes. The industrial fava beans seasoning machine can spread seasons and flavors evenly to great quantity of fried broad beans with high efficiency. What’s more, due to rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design commercial fried fava beans seasoning machines to suit your needs in capacity, and so on.

industrial fried fava beans flavoring machine
Industrial Broad Beans Seasoning Machine

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Kinds of Commercial Fried Broad Beans Flavoring Drum

In general, we offer two kinds of industrial fried fava beans seasoning machines available. One is semi-automatic snack food flavoring machine, which is suitable for small scale fried flavored broad beans process line. The other is fully automatic fried fava beans flavoring machine, suitable for medium and large scale fried broad beans seasoning equipment. And both fried broad beans flavoring machines are equipped with oil spraying devices. The main difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic flavoring machines is that semi-automatic one can only add flavors to fried broad beans one batch after another, while automatic one can process continuously.

Features of Commercial Fried Fava Beans Flavoring Equipment

1.Compact designs. The industrial broad beans flavoring machines are of compact designs, occupying less space.
2.Robust structure. The whole structure of the commercial fried fava beans seasoning machine is of 304 stainless steel, making the machines sanitary and durable.
3.Good flavoring results. With innovative designs, our industrial fava beans flavoring machines can ensure consistent and uniform flavoring.
4.Custom design. Our industrial fried broad beans seasoning equipment can be customized to meet customer needs and requirements.

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