Industrial Crinkle French Fries Cutting Machine

Industrial crinkle french fries cutting machine is designed to cut potatoes into strips with crinkle shapes. Crinkle fries can be made into delicious street foods, fried crinkles french fries and so on. Our industrial crinkle fries cutter can make crinkle fries with uniform shapes and less broken ones. Gelgoog can design and develop industrial crinkle french fries slicing machines according to customer needs and requirements.

industrial crinkle fries chopping machine
Industrial Crinkle French Fries Cutting Machine

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Working Principle of Crinkle Fries Cutter

The industrial vegetable cutter for crinkle fries are of two main parts. Firstly, the potatoes are cut into slices with uniform thickness. Then the potato slices are cut into potato strips with crinkle shapes. The sizes of end products can be adjustable for the cutters in the machines can be easily adjusted or replaced.

Features of Industrial Crinkle Fries Cutter Machine

1.Good cutting results. With innovative design, the industrial french fries cutter can cut crinkle fries with uniform shapes effectively.
2.Adjustable shapes. The cutters of the machines can be adjusted to produce crinkle fries with adjustable thickness.
3.Compact designs. The industrial cutter for crinkle french fries making is of small foot print, occupying less space in the factory.
4.Robust structure. Built with stainless steels, the industrial crinkle french fries cutter machines are made of quality stainless steels, which make the machine durable and easy to clean and maintain.
5.Wide application. In fact, except for crinkle potato fries, the cutter can also be used to cut other vegetables and fruits into crinkle shapes.

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