Industrial Cucumber Washing Machine

Industrial cucumber washing machine manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of vegetable and fruit washing machines, we design and make various industrial fruit and vegetable washing machines to suit customer needs. Our commercial cucumber cleaning machine is designed for wash a great quantity of cucumbers with great efficiency. Cucumber washing is a vital process in cucumber processing. To get cleaned cucumbers, after washing, the washed cucumbers can be dried and packed for sale. For further processing, the cleaned cucumbers can be processed into pickled cucumber and other products. With rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design baby cucumber washing machine to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more details.

industrial cucumber washing machine
Customized Cucumber Washing Machine

How to Wash and Clean Cucumber

Due to special characteristics of cucumbers, our commercial cucumber washing machine uses the forces and actions of water flow to wash and clean cucumbers rather than abrasive brushes. At one end of the industrial cucumber cleaning machine, there are inlet devices through which water flows in the washing tank. After be washed and cleaned, the cucumbers are directed through conveyor belt into next process.

Features of Baby Cucumber Washing Machine

  1. Robust structure. The whole structure of the industrial cucumber washing machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which makes the cucumber cleaning machine durable and stable.
  2. Customized design. To meet customer needs, the cucumber washing machine is tailor made in configurations and so on.
  3. Innovative design. Except washing cucumber effectively, the cucumber washing machine is specially designed so that it can be cleaned and maintained easily.

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