Industrial Dates Fruit Washing Machine

Industrial dates fruit washing machine prices. The dates fruit washing machine is designed for washing and cleaning date and jujube fruit. Since there are different kinds of dates fruit, the commercial dates fruit washing machine should be customized. Thanks to rich experience and knowledge, we can custom design industrial jujubes and dates washing lines to meet customer needs.

dates and jujube washing line
Industrial Dates Fruit Washing Machine
industrial dates washing and drying machine
Commercial Dates Cleaning Machine

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Types of Commercial Dates Cleaning Machines

In general, there are two kinds of vegetable washing machines for washing dates and jujubes. The first one is bubble type dates fruit washing machine, which mainly uses the action and force of water flow to wash and clean dates and jujubes. The other one is brush type dates fruit washing machine. The dates fruits and jujubes are washed and cleaned using abrasive brushes. And these two kinds of dates washer machines are selected according to the characteristics of dates and jujubes. For example, bubble type vegetable washing machine is often used to wash hard dates and jujubes, while soft ones or those with bruise are washed with brush type vegetable cleaning machine.

Features of Automatic Dates Washing Line

  1. Robust structure. The industrial dates fruit washing machine is built of high quality stainless steel, which makes the machine durable and stable.
  2. Innovative design. Our commercial dates washing machine are designed with great creativity. For instant, the bubble type dates cleaning machine is equipped with water bubble generator and water spray bars, which can wash off the foreign materials on dates and jujubes.
  3. Tailor Made. Thanks to rich experience and knowledge, we can customize commercial dates fruit cleaning machines to suit your specific requirements.

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