Industrial French Fries Cutter Machine

Industrial french fries cutter machine is used to cut potatoes into strips which will be further processed into french fries. The french fry cutting equipment is work horse for a regular french fries plant. Thanks to years of expertise and experience, we know customer needs and wants well. Our mechanical cutting machine can cut potato strips with regular shapes, which are important for the final products. Except for high cut quality with uniform shapes, customers also want the cutting system can produce high yield with minimum fines. These are not enough, for customers still want the costs be low with minimum maintenance time. Taking all these needs into consideration, we design and manufacture quality french fries slicer machines. If you are interested in our commercial french fries cutter machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

french fries cutter machine commercial
French Fry Cutter Machine

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Types of Potato French Fry Slicer

As a professional potato french fry cutter manufacturer, we design and engineer variety of potato french fry slicers. While the french fries cutting equipment works on almost the same principle, the cutting machines come with different shapes and sizes. Besides, all the french fries cutting machines can work automatically with material feeding machinery. As for the power system, the mechanical french fry slicer is electrical. What’s more, they can process potato strips with different production capacities. While you can choose from a variety of french fries cutting machines, we can also customer design your french fries cutting equipment according to your needs and requirements.

ModelsPowerVoltageSize (mm)Weight (KG)Cutting size

French Fries Cutting Machine Price

As a reliable manufacturer of french fries slicer, we design and manufacture various cutting machines in our own factory. This alone makes our french fries cutters more affordable, saving you from third party fees. And all our potato french fry cutting machines are made of high quality food grade stainless steels. We never compromise quality over prices. Since all our french fries slicers are customer made, exact price list is not available until you choose the specific model.

Benefits of French Fry Cutting Machine

  1. Multiple functions. Except for potato french fries, our cutting machine can also cut other root vegetables into strips, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, cassavas, and so on. So you can cut different materials with the same machine.
  2. Robust designs. All the french fries cutters in our factory are built with quality stainless steels, which make them durable for long time operation.
  3. Smart and sanitary design. To reduce maintenance time, our french fries cutting machines are specially designed so that every part of the machines can be easily accesses, allowing for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance.
  4. Competitive prices. Designed and manufactured in our own factory, these make our french fry slicers enjoy reasonable prices. Compared with competitors, our french fries cutting equipment is of high quality with competitive prices.
  5. Customer designs. All the french fries cutting machine can be customized in sizes, materials and so on to meet your needs and requirements.

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