Industrial Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine

Industrial ginger washing and peeling machine is specially designed for washing and peeling medium and large quantity of gingers for industrial use. The machine integrate ginger washer and ginger peeler into one machine, which can save both energy and money. As a professional ginger washing and peeling machine manufacturer, Gelgoog can design and develop tailored industrial ginger washer and peeler machines to meet client needs and requirements. Please contact us now to get prices of industrial ginger washing and peeling machines.

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Industrial Ginger Washer and Peeler

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Working Principle of Ginger Washer and Peeler

Industrial ginger washer and peeler machine is also known as brush type root vegetable cleaning and peeling machine for it is usually equipped with abrasive rollers. And the gingers inside the washer and peeler machine make constant contact with the abrasive brushes, which can peel the gingers effectively. Besides, there are also water spraying system that wash off the peels, dirt and other foreign materials on the gingers. Installed with effective filtering system, the foreign materials can be directed out of the washing and peeling chamber. What’s more, to prevent spiting or other danger during the washing and peeling process, Gelgoog can customize lids for the ginger washing and peeling machine.

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Features of Commercial Ginger Washer and Peeler

1.Washing and peeling gingers in one machine. Due to special designs, our ginger washer and peeler machine can wash and peel ginger at the same time in one machine, which can save your money.
2.Compact designs. The industrial ginger cleaning and peeling machine is of compact design, occupying less space.
3.High quality materials. The industrial ginger washer and peeler machines are made of high quality stainless steel and quality brush materials and so on.
4.Custom design. Due to extensive experience, our commercial ginger washer and peeler machine can be designed and developed to suit customer needs and requirements.
5.Great versatility. Except for gingers, the brush type washing and peeling machine can also wash and peel a great variety of root vegetables, like potato, sweet potato, radish, and so on, making the machine great investment for you.

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