Industrial Peanut Flavoring Machine

Industrial peanut flavoring machine is specially designed for adding flavors and seasons to fried peanuts and groundnuts. And usually the flavors for fried peanuts is sugar, salt, spice and so on, making the fried peanut more enticing. With innovative designs, our commercial fried peanut seasoning machines can ensure consistent and uniform flavoring of products with high efficiency. Gelgoog designs and develops tailored fried peanuts seasoning machines to suit client needs and requirements.

Types of Commercial Fried Groundnut Seasoning Machine

According to automatic level, there are fully automatic fried peanut flavoring machine and semi-automatic one. In general, the fully automatic fried groundnut seasoning machine is suitable for medium and large scale fried peanut processing line, while the semi-automatic peanut flavor adding machine is preferable for small scale groundnut process line. Besides, there are also other differences between the two. For the automatic fried peanut seasoning equipment, it is often of drum type, which can rotate continuously. For semi-automatic fried groundnut flavoring machine, it often comes with octagonal shape. And due to limit of capacity, it can only process a batch of fried peanuts one after another.

industrial peanut flavoring machine
Industrial Fried Peanut Flavoring Machine
fried peanut seasoning equipment
Small Fried Peanut Seasoning Machine

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Features of Commercial Fried Peanut Flavoring Drum

1.Superior end products. No matter which fried peanut flavoring machines you choose, they can all produce flavored peanuts with great consistency and uniformity.
2.Robust structure. Gelgoog fried peanut seasoning machines are made of 304 stainless steels, which make the machines durable and hygienic.
3.Easy to clean and maintain. Due to innovative designs, the fried groundnut flavoring drum is easy to clean and maintain, saving operation costs.
4.Customized design. All our fried groundnut seasoning machines can be customized in many aspects to meet customer needs and requirements.

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