Industrial Pepper Washing Machine

Industrial pepper washing and cleaning machine is used for washing and cleaning a great variety of vegetable peppers, like bell pepper, chili pepper, and other types of peppers. With innovative designs, the commercial vegetable pepper washer machine can do the washing and cleaning work in an effective and efficient way. Gelgoog can offer tailor made pepper washing and cleaning machines to meet customer requirements.

commercial pepper washer and cleaner
Industrial Pepper Washing Machine

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Working Principle of Pepper Washer and Cleaner

The industrial pepper washing machine is also called as bubble type vegetable washer machine. For it uses the forces and actions of water bubbles and water flow to wash and clean vegetable peppers. And the water spraying devices on the pepper washer machine can do another round of washing and cleaning. Besides, there are effective water recycling and dirt filtering systems, so that the industrial pepper cleaner can wash effectively while use water and energy in an efficient way.

Features of Commercial Pepper Cleaning Machine

1.Efficient washing. Due to innovative designs, the industrial pepper washing machine can wash and clean the peppers gently and effectively.
2.Sustainable use of water and energy. Built with effective dirt filtering system and water circulation system, the pepper cleaning machine can wash the products cleanly while at the same time use water and energy efficiently.
3.High quality materials. The whole structure of the industrial pepper washing machine is made of 304 stainless steels, so that the vegetable machines are durable and sanitary.
4.Customized design. Due to rich experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can design and develop commercial pepper cleaning machines to meet customer needs and requirements.