Industrial Popcorn Seasoning Machine

Industrial popcorn seasoning machine, also known as popcorn flavoring machine, is designed to add various flavors and seasons to large quantity of popcorn. Due to innovative designs, the industrial flavoring drum machines can ensure consistent and uniform flavored popcorn. All of our industrial popcorn flavoring machines can be customized in materials, capacity and so on to meet customer needs and requirements.

caramel popcorn flavoring equipment
Industrial Popcorn Seasoning Machine

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Quality Caramel Popcorn Flavoring Machine

In general, there are two kinds of industrial flavoring machines available for popcorn. The first one is of small scale with small to medium capacity. For its octagonal shape, it is also known as octagonal seasoning machine. Th other one is known as continuous flavoring drum, for it can spread flavors and seasons continuously to popcorn and other snack foods. And the automatic continuous flavoring machine is suitable for medium and large scale flavoring line.

Features of Popcorn Seasoning Equipment

  1. Customized design. All the flavoring machine for popcorn can be tailor made to suit customer needs and requirements.
  2. Robust structure. The whole structure of the seasoning machine for popcorn is made of quality stainless steels.
  3. Compact design with small foot print. The popcorn flavoring machines occupy less space in your factory.
  4. Premium result. With oil spraying and constant rotating, the popcorn seasoning machine can spread flavors evenly and thoroughly to popcorn.
  5. Wide application. Except for popcorn, the flavoring machines can also be used to add flavors to various snack foods, like potato chips, french fries, banana chips, fried broad beans, fried peanut, and so on.

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