Industrial Rice Cracker Flavoring Machine

Industrial rice cracker flavoring machine is designed for adding flavours to finished puffed rich crackers and other rice cakes and snacks. With innovative design, the industrial rich cracker seasoning machine can ensure consistent and uniform seasoning. While at the same time, the commercial can add various seasons to large quantity of finished products with high efficiency. Thanks to extensive experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can offer tailored solutions for rice crackers making machines to meet clients’ needs and requirements.

Application of Puffed Rice Cracker Seasoning Machines

Industrial rice cracker flavoring machine mainly includes two part. One it the oil sprayer, which spread oil on the finished food products. The other part is drum seasoning machine, which spread flavors and seasons to end products with rotating seasoning drum.
As for the raw materials, the commercial seasoning machine can add flavors and seasons to great variety of finished food products, like puffed rice crackers, rice cake snacks, rice cracker mix, potato chips, banana chips, coffee beans, fried peanuts, fried fave beans and so on.

commercial rice cracker flavoring machine
Small Rice Cracker Flavor Mixer
commerical rice crackers flavoring equipment
Commercial Rice Cracker Flavoring Machine

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Advantages of Rice Cake Flavor Adding Machine

1.Quality end products. With advanced technology and innovative design, the industrial rice crackers flavoring machines can ensure consistent and uniform flavoring of rice crackers.
2.Customized design. Gelgoog can design and develop industrial rich cracker flavoring machines according to customer needs and requirements.
3.Compact design. Due to compact design, the industrial seasoning machines for rice crackers are of small print, occupying less space.
4.Wide range of application. Except for rice crackers, the industrial seasoning equipment can be used to add flavors to various snacks, such as potato chips, plantain chips, fried groundnuts, fried broad beans, coffee beans and so on. This great versatility makes the industrial flavor adding machine great investment.
5.Robust structure. Whole structure of the industrial rice cracker machine is made of 304 stainless steel. As a result, this makes the flavoring machine durable and hygienic.
6.Easy to clean. Thanks to unique design, the puffed rice cracker flavoring machine is easy to clean and maintain.

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