Industrial Strawberry Washing Machine

Industry strawberry washing machine is designed for washing and cleaning strawberries. Due to the delicate texture of the strawberries, our strawberry washing unit is specially designed so as to ensure cleaned strawberries without bruises. Using the actions and forces of water bubbles, the strawberry washing system can effectively remove the dirt and other foreign materials from the strawberries, which are directed to dirt filtering system. Due to rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design strawberry and other veggie and fruit washing line to suit your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

industrial strawberry washing machine
Commercial Strawberry Cleaning Machine

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Flow Process of Strawberry Washing Unit

Firstly, fresh picked strawberries are delivered into conveyor belt, whose speed is adjustable. Then the strawberries are soaked into water bubbles, which are generated by water bubble generator. The forming and bursting of water bubbles can make impact on the surfaces of the strawberries, removing the dirt off. To ensure fully immersion of the strawberries, there are also water spraying devices above. Combined together, the strawberries are thoroughly washed and cleaned. With effective filtering system, the debris are piped outside. After washing, the strawberries exit the washing tank onto rollers with brushes. Also there are water spray bars above that rinse the  strawberries once again.

Features of Commercial Strawberry Washing System

  • Smart design. With advanced technology and innovative design, the strawberry cleaning machine commercial can wash and clean the strawberries gently, while remove the debris effectively.
  • Great versatility. The strawberry washing machine can not only wash strawberries but also other veggies and fruits, like leafy vegetables, root vegetables, apple, mango, and so on.
  • Custom design. With rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design fruit and vegetable washing machines to suit your needs.
  • Robust structure. Built with stainless steels, the strawberry washer machine is durable and stable, suitable for long term operation.

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