Industrial Vegetable and Fruit Freezer Machine

Industrial vegetable and fruit freezer machine is designed for freezing a great variety of cut vegetables and fruits in short time. Equipped with IQF technology, the commercial fruits and vegetables freezing equipment can freeze the vegetables and fruits individually and quickly. Besides, with advanced technology, the blast freezer for vegetables and fruits can produce superior end products with sustainable use of energy. Due to years of experience and knowledge, we can provide you tailored solutions for your vegetables and fruits freezing line with quality freezing machines. We can customized commercial freezers for your frozen vegetables and fruits processing lines. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

commercial vegetable and fruit quick freezer
Vegetable and Fruit Freezer Machine

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Advantages of Fruit and Vegetable Quick Freezer

With the continuous updating of food quick-freezing equipment, many enterprises have adopted liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment. For it can freeze vegetables and fruits in short time without being clogged together. Moreover, the fruit and vegetable blast freezing machine can save energy because of advanced technology and well equipped thermal insulation system. Except for these, the quick freezing machine is of great versatility, as it can be used to freez not only vegetables and fruits, but also meat, seafood, pastry, and so on.

Characteristics of Fruit and Vegetable Quick Freezer Equipment

1. Quality materials. The vegetable and fruit freezer is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. This makes the freezer durable and save for long time operation, while robust design can save energy during operation. What’s more, the robust structure can lessen cleaning and maintenance costs.
2. Well thermal insulation. Good thermal insulation performance can ensure sustainable use of energy, and make sure quality end products.
3. Great versatility. Fruit and vegetable quick freezing machine is suitable for: seafood (crab, shrimp, fish, high-grade imported seafood), meat food (pork, beef, chicken, whole chicken, split chicken, etc.), potatoes, radish, onion, edible fungi , Candied fruit, chestnut, purple potato, tea and other agricultural products.
4. Easy operation. Equipped with PLC system, the vegetables and fruits freezing machine is easy to operate. Besides, the computer control system can monitor the accuracy of the frozen food processing.
5.Our vegetable and fruit freezing equipment are customized according to the specific needs of customers.

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