Industrial Vegetable Washing Machine

Industrial vegetable washing machine, also known as commercial fruit and vegetable washing machine, is designed for washing and cleaning great quantities of vegetables and fruits in factory. In vegetable and fruit processing line, washing is the initial step of the manufacturing process. Although it may not be complicated, it is essential to wash and clean vegetables and fruits for further processing. And to some extent, washing vegetables and fruits can determine the quality final products. So it is necessary to get quality and suitable vegetables and fruits washer machine. Due to years of experience, we can offer optimal commercial vegetable washer machine for your food processing lines.

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Bubble Type Vegetable Washer
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Spiral Washer Machine

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Kinds of Vegetable and Fruit Washers

As we know, there are great many kinds of vegetables and fruits, and they are different in texture, size and so on. While root vegetables are hard to wash, leafy vegetables and some fruits are delicate. To ensure optimum washing results, we design and manufacture different kinds of washing machines for vegetables and fruits.

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Vegetable Washer and Peeler

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Leafy Vegetable Washing Machine

This kind of washer machine can wash and clean delicate vegetables and fruits, such as leafy vegetables, strawberry, tomatoes and so on. It is also known as bubble type vegetable washing machine. For it is equipped with bubble generator. The action and forces of water bubbles can have impact on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits, without damage. Besides, it is also equipped with rinsing device, which spray water on vegetables and fruits. Except for bubble vegetable washer, there is still a spiral washer machine, suitable for washing leafy vegetables, cut vegetables and fruits. Like bubble type washer machine, spiral washer also use two methods of washing. One is to use actions and forces of swirling water to wash leafy vegetables. And the other is to use spraying device to wash cut vegetables and fruits.

Root Vegetable Washer Machine

Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cassavas have rough surfaces, and they may covered with soil or other foreign materials. These make root vegetables hard to wash. Brush type vegetable washing machine is designed for washing root vegetables. For it can be equipped with rollers covered with brushes. And the materials of brushes can also be changed according to your raw materials.

Vegetable Washing Machine Price

Prices of vegetable and fruit washing machines can vary. For there are different kinds of machines, and they come with different configurations too. What’s more, they can be customized in sizes and materials according to your needs and requirements. However, one thing is certain: we provide quality industrial washing machines with reasonable prices. And they are all designed and built in our own factory. All our vegetables and fruits washer machines are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. Always put customer needs at first place, we never compromise quality for prices.

Features of Vegetable and Fruits Washer Machines

  1. Robust design. Our industrial washer machine for vegetables and fruits are made of quality food grade stainless steel. This makes the machines not only durable, but also sanitary.
  2. Ease maintenance. Due to smart design, our commercial washing machines can be cleaned and maintained easily, which minimize down time for the vegetables washing lines.
  3. Thorough washing with no damage. Whether the root vegetables or leafy vegetables, our washing machines are specially designed so that they can be washed and cleanly without damage.
  4. Great versatility. Our vegetables and fruits washing machines can wash different kinds of vegetables and fruits. This great versatility makes the vegetables and fruits washer machine great investment for you.
  5. Competitive prices. All our vegetable and fruit washer machines are designed and engineered in our own factory. This can save you from third party fees.

Vegetable Washer Machine Manufacturer

Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can design and manufacture quality vegetable and fruit washing machine commercial according to your needs and requirements. And as a reliable manufacturer, we only provide quality washing machines for you. If you have any question about our products, our dedicated workers are always here to help you out. Whether you want vegetables and fruits washing machines videos, or simply ask for inquiry, we provide all around services for you.

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