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Peanut is also known as groundnut, goober, or money nut in different countries and regions. As a versatile product, peanut can be processed into various products, such as peanut oil, peanut butter and so on. In many regions, peanuts serve as an important part of local cuisine. As a popular snack food, groundnut can be roasted, fried, or boiled, and then be seasoned with different flavors. Our peanut deep fryer machines are used to fry peanut so that they become crispy and crunchy delicacy. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of peanut fryer machines, we design and manufacture a great variety of industrial deep fryers for peanuts. In fact, except for peanuts, the frying machines can also deep fry a great variety of products, such as french fries, potato chips, banana chips, cassava chips, almond, meat, seafood and other products. We can custom design frying lines to meet your needs and requirements.

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Continuous Groundnut Fryer Machine

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Peanut Deep Fryers Available

There are various kinds of groundnut deep fryers in Gelgoog. Mainly, there are three types of peanut frying machines. The first one is automatic continuous frying machine for fried peanut. It is suitable for large scale peanut frying line, for it can work continuously, resulting in great production capacity. The second type is batch type peanut fryer. The batches inside the frying pan can stir the fried peanut constantly, ensuring consistent frying results of fired peanuts. Due to the fact that it can deep fry a batch of peanuts after another, the batch type deep fryer is preferable for medium and small scale peanut frying line. The third type is basket commercial deep fryer machine. Equipped with one to three frying tanks, the basket deep fryer can actually fry different products without affecting each other. Basket type deep fryer commercial is suitable for small fried peanut processing line. Actually, all these three deep fryers can be customized in sizes, materials, capacities, heating systems and so on to meet your needs and requirements. As a result, the prices of peanut frying machines can vary from each other. After understanding your specific needs, we can deliver you suitable peanut frying lines and give you complete price lists.


Processes for Making Fried Groundnuts

Blanching – Peeling – Sorting – Dewatering – Frying – Seasoning -Packing.

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Peanut Fryer Machine for Sale
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Commercial Peanut Deep Fryer

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Features of Groundnut Deep Fryer Machines

1.Robust design. All the peanut frying machines are built with quality food grade stainless steels, which make them durable for ling time operation.
2.Sanitary design. Sanitation is very important for food processing lines. Taking this demand into consideration, our peanut deep fryers are specially designed so that every part of them can be easily accessible, allowing for quick cleaning and thorough maintenance.
3.Superior fried peanuts. Equipped with advanced technology, the peanuts frying machines can maintain constant temperature of oil, remove fines quickly, and set adjustable frying time. As for design, there are effective filter systems as well as frying systems so that the fried peanuts are of consistent high quality.
4.Sustainable use of energy. Nowadays, obtaining top quality end products is not enough, for customers also want to use energy in a efficient way. With effective filtering system, our peanut fryer machines can ensure purity of oil and prolong the usage of oil without affecting quality of end products.
5.Custom design. All our groundnut fryer machines can be customized in sizes, materials, capacities, heating systems and so on to meet your specific needs and requirements.
6.Reasonable prices. When it comes to peanut frying machine prices, they vary from each other. But one thing for sure is that we can offer you quality groundnut fryer machines with competitive prices. For all these deep fryers are designed and manufactured in our own factory.

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