Plantain Tostones Frying Machine

Plantain tostones frying machine for sale. Plantain tostones are actually twice-fried plantain slices, and also known as patacones and others in Latin American cuisine and Caribbean cuisine. As plantains are rich in these areas, plantain tostones are favorite cuisines in ever day life. Our plantain patacones frying machine can be used to fry a great amount of products for commercial use. As a reliable commercial frying machines manufacturer, we can custom design frying lines for plantain tostones. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

plantain tostones frying line
Banana Tostones Continuous Frying Machine

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Plantain Patacones Making Processes

To make plantain patacones in factory, there are several steps to follow. Firstly, peel the green plantains. Ripe plantains are not suitable for its texture and sweetness. After peeling and trimming of the green plantains, cut the peeled plantains into long slices. Then there comes the frying process. In this first frying process, the plantain slices are deep fried quickly, about one to two minutes until they become golden in color. After this, excess oil on the plantain chips is drained off. And then the fried plantain chips are pound flat without deformation. Next, the flattened plantain slices are then fried once again until they are crisp and golden brown. Then the fried plantain tostones are added with flavors to make them delicious. And finally, the fried plantain chips will be packaged for transportation.

deep fryer for flattened plantain chips
Plantain Tostones Fryer Machine
fried plantain chips fryer manufacturer
Deep Fryer for Plantain Tostones

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Kinds of Banana Tostones Fryers

In general, there are three kinds of banana tostones fryers. The first one is continuous frying machine. As the name implies, it can fry plantain tostones continuously with large capacity. As a result, the automatic plantain patacones fryer machine is suitable for large scale plantain tostones frying lines. The second is batch type frying machine. It can stir the plantain chips constantly so that they can be deep fried with consistent quality. Since it can only fry banana tostones one batch after another, the batch type banana tostones frying machine can be used for medium and semi-automatic plantain patacones making lines. The third is basket type deep fryer. This kind of deep fryer for plantain tostones needs a lot manual work so that it is used for small scale plantain patacones frying line.

Features of Plantain Patacones Deep Fryer

  1. Custom design. With expertise and rich experience, we can design plantain tastones frying machines according to your needs and requirements.
  2. Robust design. No matter which kind of fryer machines for plantain chips you want, they are all built with quality stainless steels for great durability.
  3. Top end products. Equipped with advanced technology, our banana tastones frying machines can control oil temperature accurately, quickly remove particles, and adjust frying time. These ensure you get superior end products with sustainable use of energy.
  4. Easy to operate. All of the plantain chips frying machines are equipped with control panels. As a result, you can easily operate the plantain chips frying line easily.

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