Potato Chips Cutter Machine

Potato chips cutter machine is used to cut fresh potatoes into thin slices, which then will be fried into potato chips. Although chips cutting is simple, it is vital for the quality and shapes of end products. What’s more, in the cutting process, high yield with less waste is ultimate goal. As a result, choosing right type of cutting machine for potato chips is of great importance. As a reliable manufacturer of potato chips cutting equipment manufacturer, we provide various quality cutting machines for your potato chips cutting system. And all of these potato crispy slicers can be customized in each detail to meet your needs and requirements. If you are interested in our potato chips cutters, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated workers.

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Potato Chips Cutter

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Types of Potato Chips Cutting Machines

In general, there are two kinds of commercial cutting machines for potato chips. According to the automatic level, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic potato chips cutting machines available. As the names suggest, they can be used respectively for semi-automatic potato chips plant and fully automatic potato chips processing lines. Usually, the semi-automatic potato chips slicer machine can cut limited capacity of potato slices, while the automatic ones can slice potato chips continuously with great capacity. In fact, for the the semi-automatic potato chips cutter, worker will feed potatoes one by one into the cutting chamber, while the automatic ones cut potatoes constantly with conveyor belt feeding the materials. As for the power system, both kinds of potato chips cutting machines use electricity. When it comes to quality, all these cutter machines for potato chips are made of stainless steels to last for long time and remain sanitary.

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Benefits of Potato Chips Slicer Machines

  1. High yield with less loss. With advanced technology and careful work, our cutting machines for potato chips can cut fresh potatoes with top quality, ensuring less waste of your raw materials.
  2. Robust design. No matter which kind of cutter machines you want, they are all built with high quality stainless steels, which make them durable for long time operation.
  3. Sanitary design. Sanitation is vital for potato processing in every step. Our potato chips cutters are specially designed to meet this need. Firstly, they are built with stainless steel, reducing contamination. Secondly, the cutters for potatoes chips are specially built with great access, so that every part of them can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  4. Competitive prices. All these potato chips slicers are designed and built in our own factory. As a result, they can enjoy competitive prices than those of our competitors.
  5. Custom design. Our potato chips cutting machines can be tailor made in every aspect to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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