Potato Chips Frying Machine

Potato chips frying machine is designed to fry potato slices into delicious chips with desirable colors and textures. In potato chips production line, frying is an important process, for it can largely determines the quality of final products. To get optimum potato chips, the frying process needs constant high temperature of oil and set period of frying time. As a professional frying machine manufacturer, we constantly improve our technologies to meet customer needs: not only optimum potato chips but also sustainable use of energy. Besides, we offer tailored made chips fryer machines for your potato chips making lines to meet your needs and requirements.

potato chips continuous frying machine
Automatic Continuous Chips Deep Fryer

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Kinds of Chips Fryer Machines Available

Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can design and manufacture kinds of industrial frying machines to suit your needs. And all of these commercial potato chips frying machines are built according to strict industry standards.

Continuous Potato Chips Fryer Machine

Continuous frying machine for potato chips can fry chips continuously with consistent quality in automatic chips making lines. As a result, it is suitable for large scale potato chips plant which need great production capacity. Besides, due to its robust design with stainless steels, the continuous chips frying machines can work for long times non-stop. Built with advanced technology, our continuous frying machine can ensure constant high temperature of oil and allow you to adjust frying time according to your needs. Besides, the continuous frying machines are specially designed to save water, oil and energy during the frying process.

commercial batch type frying machines for sale
Batch Type Chips Fryer

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Batch Type Potato Chips Fryer Machine

Our batch type chips fryer machine often comes with round frying pan. Inside there are several batches which can stir potato chips constantly, preventing them from clogging together. Since each batch can fry limited amount of chips, the batch fryer can only fry chips one batch after another. As a result, it is suitable for small scale potato chips lines with smaller production capacity needs. Small as it is, the batch fryer for chips can produce quality potato chips with less use of oil and energy. Besides, compared with continuous chips frying machines, batch fryer for chips are compact in sizes, occupying little space in your factory.

Basket Fryer for Potato Chips

As the name implies, basket chips fryer uses stainless steel baskets to fry potato chips. After frying for a period of time, operator should lift the baskets up and drain off the extra oil on the potato chips. Due to its operation, basket commercial fryer for potato chips is suitable for fast food restaurants, street food stands and other small scale potato chips lines.

basket type chips frying machines for sale
Basket Fryer for Potato Chips

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Automatic and Semi-automatic Chips Fryer Machine

According to the automatic levels, our potato chips fryer machines come with fully automatic ones and semi-automatic ones. And automatic ones include continuous frying machines and batch type frying machines.

Both kinds of chips fryer machines can fry potato chips automatically. But the difference is that the continuous frying machine can fry chips continuously, which batch type chips fryer fry chips one batch after another. As for the semi-automatic commercial chips fryer, it is basket fryer for potato chips. It needs human labor to lift up the basket when the frying process is done. At the names imply, automatic chips fryers are suitable for automatic potato chips making lines, while semi-automatic potato chips fryers are suitable for small scale potato chips lines.

Benefits of Chips Frying Machines

  1. Robust design. All our potato chips frying machines are built with high quality food grade stainless steels. This makes the fryer machines not only durable for long time operation, but also sanitary for the chips processing.
  2. Customer orientation. Our potato chips fryer machines are designed with advanced technologies. As a result, they can not only produce quality end products, but also consume oil and energy in a sustainable way.
  3. Customer design. All our potato chips frying machines can be tailored made in sizes, materials and so on to meet your needs and requirements.
  4. Ease of maintenance. Thanks to smart and careful designs, our chips fryer machines can be easily accessed so as to allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance with less down time.
  5. Competitive prices. As a reliable manufacture of potato chips fryer machines, we design and engineer all chips fryer machines in our own factory, which can save you from third party fees and help you enjoy competitive prices compared with our competitors.
  6. Great customer support. We provide all around services for you from initial consultation to after sales services. Our dedicated workers are always here to help you out.

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