Potato Chips Making Machine

Potato chips making machine refers to a set of machines used to produce potato chips from fresh potatoes. In other words, it is a complete potato chips production line with various processing machines. Namely, there are potato sorting and grading machine, potato washing and peeling machine, potato blancher, de-watering machine, chips frying machine, de-oiling and cooling machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine and product handling machines. As a professional manufacturer of chips process line, we offer both customized potato chips processing line and individual machines for chips making. If you have any question about your potato chips manufacturing businesses, whether the chips making video or price list, you can always contact us for help.

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Potato Chips Process Line

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Types of Chips Making Machines

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of potato chips manufacturing machines: small potato chips making machine and automatic one. The small potato chips making machine, usually semi automatic is often used for small chips making businesses, which need small production capacity. As for the fully automatic potato chips manufacturing machine, it is suitable for large scale chips businesses that need high production capacity. No matter which kind of making machine you want for your chips making business, we ensure that you get first-class machinery, which can produce top end product with energy efficiency. More importantly, looking back on years of experience, we offer you tailored solutions for your potato chips making businesses.

Potato Chips Making Machine Price

The price of potato chips making machine is an important factor to consider in putting up your own potato chips making businesses. However, prices vary from different types of potato chips making machines you want. For example, automatic chips manufacturing machine is definitely more expensive than the small semi automatic one. And each process line may differ in prices for the different components of machines. As the production line is a vital factor in the success of your potato chips making businesses, we are focused on offering you with suitable and reliable process line. One thing for sure is that you can always get the competitive prices for our potato chips manufacturing machine. For we design, manufacture and sell our machines for chips making all by our own. Our experienced engineers and workers in factory innovate constantly to engineer better equipment for you. While our salesperson help you make your chips making business plan and offer great services. This one-stop mode can save you from many third party fees. We are always here so that you can get your process line start as soon as possible.

Potato Chips Manufacturing Process

  • Sorting and grading. It is the first step of the process. For sorting and grading suitable potatoes is essential to ensure good quality of end product. For small potato chips making businesses, this process can be done manually. While for large scale ones, there are sorting and grading machines which can done the work in an efficient way.
  • Washing and peeling. This process ensures the cleanness as well as the crispiness of potato chips. Our washing and peeling machine can do the washing and peeling in one machine, with no need for extra machine. Besides, the machine is designed and manufactured carefully in every part, so that it can wash and peel the potatoes efficiently with less damage to the potatoes.
  • Cutting. In this process, our potato chips cutting machine will cut the potatoes into slices with adjustable thickness. And the cutter can cut potatoes quickly and efficiently with less wastes.
  • Blanching. Blanching means that the cut potatoes are boiled in hot water for a short period time. It can wash off extra starch on the potato slices, preserve desirable color, and eliminate potential bacteria. In this term, the blanching is vital in ensuring optimum quality of final product.
  • Dehydration. In the blanching process, the potato slices are saturated with water. To make it crispy after frying, it is necessary to dry the chips. Our de-watering machine can dry the slices evenly and efficiently.
  • Frying. Our potato frying machine can deep fry the potato slices with constant high temperature for a set of period. In the throughout process, the time and temperature is controllable, so that you can adjust according to the characteristics of your potatoes. After frying, the color of the potato chips will become golden yellow.
  • De-oiling and cooling. In order to make the chips crispy and easy to pack, our de-oiling and cooling machine will remove extra oil on the surface of the chips and cool them down at the same time.
  • Flavoring. To make them more enticing and delicious, flavoring machine will spread seasons evenly on potato chips in an efficient way.
  • Packaging. Our packaging machine will automatically pack certain amount of potato chips into the packages. The packaging can not only protect the product and increase its shelf life, it can also make transportation of these products easy.

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