Potato Chips Mini Plant

Potato chips mini plant is also known as small potato chips plant or semi-automatic potato chips line. It is a small scale potato chips manufacturing line with semi-automatic chips making machines. In automatic potato chips line, all the processes can be done automatically by machines even the product handling process. While in small chips making plant, the product may be handled manually from one process to the next. Due to this fact, this small plant for chips making is suitable for businesses that need small production capacity. And it is also the perfect choice for people who want to build a start-up business. As we all know that potato chips making is a profitable industry, and crispy chips are favorite snacks among the  young and the old. Gelgoog machinery offers tailored solutions for small potato chips line with high quality machines as well as rich professional knowledge.

semi automatic potato chips plant
Potato Chips Mini Plant

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Potato Chips Mini Plant Price

As mentioned above, the semi-automatic chips manufacturing plant is smaller in scales that automatic one. And it is preferable for small potato chips making businesses. Compared with large scale potato chips plant, the smaller one is much cheaper. Besides, since we have our own team to design, our factory workers to manufacture, you are ensured to get competitive prices for the small production line for chips. What’s more, a lower price does not equal to lower quality. For we are customer-oriented company, and always put quality of our machines at the first place. Please feel free to get you customized solutions and exact prices for your potato chips mini plant machines.

Chips Making Processes and Machines

Chips making processes in potato chips mini plant are the same as those of large ones. That is, the potatoes also have to go through several processes to become golden crispy potato chips. On arrival, potatoes are sorted to eliminate the bad ones. Then the chosen potatoes are fed into the washing and peeling machine. As a result, you will get clean and peeled potatoes ready for the next step – cutting. Potato chips cutter machine can cut the peeled potatoes into regular slices with adjustable thickness. To remove excess sugar, kill potential bacteria and preserve desirable color, the potato slices are blanched in chips blanching machine. Then the blanched potato slices are dried by drying machine before the frying process. This pre-drying process will make the fried chips crispy. And then comes significant frying process, for it can determine the quality of end product. The dried potato slices will be fed into the chips fryer with constant high temperature for a set period of time. After this, the fried potato chips should go through de-watering and de-fatting process. This process will protect the chips with congealed oil from clogging together. And then to make it tasty, chips will be added flavors in flavouring machine. Finally, there is the packaging process. Same quantity of potato chips are packed in packages by packing machine. On one hand, this process can prolong potato chips shelf life. On the other hand, it can used to promote your brands.

Applications of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Line

Semi-automatic potato chips line need both machines and labors to produce potatoes into chips. And the process line can make smaller capacity of chips than the automatic ones. So it is suitable for small potato chips making businesses. According to our statistics, our customers usually prefer 50kg/h-100kg/h production capacity in choosing our small chips making line. For those who want to make a foray into potato chips making business, you’d better start with a small scale chips manufacturing line. And our mini potato chips plant is preferable for you. Of course, we can also make tailored solutions for your business. We are willing to help you out.

Features of Small Scale Chips Making Line

  1. Tailor-made solutions. A reliable process line is a success factor for your potato chips making business. We offer customized turnkey solutions for you to get the optimum result.
  2. Smaller capacity. This process line is preferable for small chips making business. And it is an ideal opportunity for you to start your ow business.
  3. Premium machines. Small as it is, the potato chips mini plant consists a series of robust and clean machines. Most of the machines are made of stainless steel 304, ensuring safe and hygienic environment for the chips processing.
  4. Competitive prices. With our all engineering and production team, we can offer you quality machines with reasonable prices.
  5. Great flexibility. In the small potato chips plant, all the machines specially designed so that they can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained.

Business Advice for Small Potato Chips Plant

As stated above, the potato chips mini plant can produce small capacity of potato chips. So to make profits, you should consider the following factors.

  1. Correct location. The ideal location for your business should be close to raw materials as well as your target market. And the operation area is sufficient to operate the small chip making line.
  2. Quality raw materials. Potato is the base material, so you should ensure its good quality so as to get the best result. Besides, there are other materials needed in the chips making process, such as edible oil, flavor and spices, and packaging material. Once when the quality of raw materials is ensured, can you obtain optimum potato chips and make a profit.
  3. Quality machines with reasonable prices. The cost of potato chips making machinery can be a large part of your investment. So it is ideal solution to buy quality ones with competitive prices, and Gelgoog is the preferable choice for you.
  4. Sales and promotion. As a small business, you can sell your chips in local market or sell them in bulks to wholesale market. Of course, you can also take advantage of online market. When it comes to promotion, you can make your own brand promote your products in cinemas, parties, and other activities.

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