Potato Chips Production Line in Pakistan

A customer from Pakistan contacted our for his potato chips making business. Our dedicated workers communicated with him immediately and asked detailed needs and requirements. Then our workers came up with tailored solutions for his potato chips manufacturing plant as well recommended machines. To our great joy, the customer was very satisfied with the whole potato chips making project. During the manufacturing process of these machines, we also contacted customer frequently so that he knew the progressing. In the end, we successfully delivered the potato chips production project. And after receiving and testing the chips making machines, the customer was very satisfied and spoke highly of our company. So if you want to build a potato chips line, please do not hesitate to contact us.

potato chips making business in Pakistan
Potato Chips Line in Pakistan

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Choose Suitable Potato Chips Process Line

Suitable process line is vital for the success of your potato chips making business. With years of expertise and experience, we can offer your tailored solutions to meet your special needs and requirements. There are several factors to considers. Firstly, how many potato chips you want to process per hour. For the capacity needs can determine the scale and automation level of your potato chips production line. Secondly, as for automation level, there are fully automatic potato chips plant and semi-automatic ones. Thirdly, frying is vital process in potato chips making. For our potato chips fryer machines, they can use gas, electricity and steam heating systems. So you should choose the suited one for you. Except all the above, our potato chips making machines all can be custom designed in every aspect to meet your needs.

Potato Chips Making Process

Sorting and grading – washing and peeling – cutting – blanching – dewatering – frying – deoiling – air drying – flavoring – packing

Potato Crispy Making Equipment

  1. Sorting and grading machine. The machine can sort and grade potatoes effectively and efficiently with precise technology, reducing human intervention.
  2. Washing and peeling machine. Integrated in one, the machine can both wash and peel the potatoes working on abrasive operation. Besides, the potato washer and peeler wash and peel the potatoes effectively with minimum damages to the surfaces.
  3. Cutting machine. The potato chips cutter machine cut potatoes into thin slices with adjustable thickness and uniform shapes.
  4. Blancher machine. This machine can wash off extra starch on cut potatoes, preserve desirable color and eliminate potential bacteria. What’s more, the blanching machine allows for precise water temperature control and adjustable blanching time.
  5. Dewatering machine. Using vibration system, the dehydration machine remove extra water on blanched potato slices with no damage to the products.
  6. Frying machines. The potato chips fryers can deep fry potato chips with desirable texture and color. For our potato chips frying machines can control oil temperature precise, removal particles quickly and adjust frying time. As a result, you get top end products with less energy.
  7. De-oiling machine. After frying, there is extra oil on the surface of potato chips. Like dewatering machine, the deoiling machine drain off extra oil effectively with minimum damage to the products.
  8. Air cooling machine. The machine can cool down the hot potato chip so that they can be handled in following processes.
  9. To make the plain potato chips delicious, various flavors are added. The flavoring machine can spread the flavors evenly on the products with contact rotation and adjustable angles.
  10. Packing machine. With advanced technology, our potato chips packaging machine can pack the potato chips precisely and effectively with no damages.

Chips Making Machines Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of potato chips line, we design and manufacture corresponding machines for potato chips according to the processes. All our machines for potato chips making are built with quality stainless steels for great durability. And with advanced technology, these potato chips equipment can produce superior end products with sustainable use of energy and material. As for the prices of potato chips making machines, we never compromise quality for prices. But our chips making machines do enjoy competitive prices for they are all designed and built in our own factory, saving you from third party fees. What’s more, as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of potato chips maker machines, we offer all around services to meet your needs.

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