Potato Chips Production Line

Potato chips production line is also known as potato chips processing line, or simply potato chips line. It involves a complete set of machinery to produce well-loved crispy potato chips from fresh potatoes. To obtain good quality potato chips, each process and each machine in the potato chips making line should work flawlessly. Machines in Gelgoog company will ensure you to produce desired potato chips with constant quality guarantee. What’s more, to meet today’s market demands, our potato chips process line can not only produce top quality end product, but also can realize the sustainable use of oil and energy, due to our innovative technology. Please feel free to get  customized solutions from us now, whether you want to upgrade your existing chips making business or just set up your this business.

potato chips automatic machine

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Fully automatic potato chips production line is a chips making line with automatic machines. And there are central computer systems in the line which allow operators to adjust settings and monitor the whole process. Usually, this automatic process line is ...
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potato chips processing plant

Potato Chips Making Machine

Potato chips making machine refers to a set of machines used to produce potato chips from fresh potatoes. In other words, it is a complete potato chips production line with various processing machines. Namely, there are potato sorting and grading ...
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semi automatic potato chips plant

Potato Chips Mini Plant

Potato chips mini plant is also known as small potato chips plant or semi-automatic potato chips line. It is a small scale potato chips manufacturing line with semi-automatic chips making machines. In automatic potato chips line, all the processes can ...
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Automatic potato washing and peeling machine

Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Potato washing and peeling machine is multi-functional machine, for it can both wash and peel potatoes in an effective and efficient way. Besides, except for potatoes, it can also wash and peel other root vegetables, such as cassavas, carrots, ginger, ...
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Kinds of Potato Chips Lines Available

Thanks to our professional engineers and dedicated workers in our factory, we can design and manufacture a wide range of chips making machines. In fact, we can make customized solutions for customers according to their needs and business situations. Generally, we provide fully automatic potato chips processing lines and small scale ones. The automatic ones are suitable for potato chips manufacturing with large production capacity, while the small ones for small businesses with small capacity. All the machines in the processing line are well engineered and can even work alone. And you can simply wire the machines together to make the chips making line work. In all, we can offer a wide variety of user-friendly production lines for potato chips.

commercial cutting machine for potatoes and other vegetables and fruits

Potato Cutting Machine

Potato cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into various shapes, such as strips, chips, cubes and so on. And then the cut potatoes are made into various popular snacks like chips and french fries. In order to obtain high ...
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continuous blanching machine

Blanching Machine

Blanching machine can be simply named as blancher. In a complete French fry and  potato chips making line, the blanching machine is situated between potato cutting machine and frying machine. It is used to blanch cut potatoes. The blanching is ...
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commercial chips and french fries frying machine

Potato Frying Machine

Potato frying machine refers to potato chips frying machine and french fries frying machine. For potato chips and french fries are famous potato processing products that are widely consumed by people all around the world. In a process line for ...
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flavoring drum machine for sale

Flavoring Machine

Flavoring machine is also known as seasoning mixing machine or flavor dosing machine. It is used to spray oil and other additives on snacks for flavoring. In potato chips and french fries processing line, flavoring machine is often positioned before ...
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Potato Chips Manufacturing Process and Machinery

In order to become top quality potato chips, potatoes should go though the following processes.

  1. Washing and peeling. As the first step of the manufacturing process, washing and peeling potatoes can determine further processes. Our washing and peeling machine can clean and peel the potatoes carefully with low energy. And the result is to get clean and peeled potatoes, ready for next process.
  2. Cutting. In this process, peeled potatoes are cut into potato slices. And correct cutting is essential to get top quality final product. Our potato chips cutter can work efficiently and help you obtain regular shapes of potato slices with adjustable thickness.
  3. Blanching.  Blanching the cut potato slices can ensure the optimum quality of final product. For blanching can kill potential bacteria, preserve desirable color, ensure the crispness after frying and prolong shelf life and so on. So it is vital to do this process correctly with high quality blanchers in Gelgoog, which have accurate time and temperature settings with robust design.
  4. Drying.  Before being fried, the blanched potato slices are dried with drying machine to ensure the desire crispness of final product. Our drying machines for potato chips can dry each piece evenly with low energy consumption.
  5. Frying. Dried potato slices are evenly fried in fryer. And it needs constant high temperature, transit time and steam discharge and so on to ensure the top quality end product. Thanks to rich experience and innovate technology, our potato chips frying machine can produce good quality potato chips with less energy and oil consumption.
  6. De-oiling. After the frying process, the potato chips are saturate with oil and some of them may clog together. So the potato chips should go through de-oiling machine to cool down as well reduce the oil on the surface. Our chips de-fatting machine get the job done in an efficient way.
  7. Flavoring. To entice customers, the processed potato chips are added with a wide range of flavorings. Our potato chips flavoring machine can apply the flavorings with great accuracy, ensuring that you get an admirable end product.
  8. Packaging. The final product should be packed to ensure its shelf life. Besides, the beautiful packaging also can attract consumers. Our potato chips packaging machine have different types to meet customers requirements.
  9. Product handling. Through all these processes, materials can be transported from one process to another by machines, such as hopper, belt conveyor. Or it can be done manually in small potato chips line.

Potato Chips Production Line Price

Finding suitable potato chips processing line is the priority, and considering the prices is also a vital factor for customers. Prices of potato chips lines in our factory vary according to different kinds of process lines, such as automatic process lines and small ones. However, all the potato manufacturing lines have competitive prices, for we have our own factory. And we never comprise quality of our machines for merely prices.

Features of Our Potato Chips Line

  1. Customized solutions. A reliable and suitable process line for potato chips is vital for your potato chips making business. With rich experience and knowledge, we can provide turnkey solutions for your potato chips making business with quality and efficient chips making line.
  2. Quality equipment. Each piece of equipment in our potato crisp making line is made of high quality material, such as stainless stain. This can ensure the smooth operation of the process line as well as keep a hygienic processing environment for the final product.
  3. Good customer services. We always put our customers in the first place. Throughout the process, we provide you all-round services, ensuring that you get desired machines smoothly. So that you can put into production and make profits as soon as possible.

Potato Chips Production Line Manufacturer

Gelgoog machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of potato crisps manufacturing line in China. With great experience and knowledge, we design and make quality potato chips making machines to meet customers requirements. In fact, we offer customized solutions for customers who are seeking perfect machinery for their profitable potato chips making business. Besides, with our dedicated R&D department and production department, we innovate continuously to keep in line with technology development so as to provide ever high quality and efficient machinery for our customers. It is this customer-focused vision that leads us to win trust and praise from our customers all over the world, and export machines to all continents.

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