Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

Potato chips seasoning machine is specially designed for apply various seasons and flavors to fried potato chips, and other snack foods. With innovative designs, the potato chips flavoring machine can provide consistent and uniform seasoning coverage for potato chips as well as other snack foods. Equipped with spray applicator, the chips flavor mixer machine can spray seasons to potato chips and other snack food in a steady and controlled way. For the flavoring drum, it can rotate continuously to ensure each piece of the potato chips can be evenly flavored, ensuring consistent quality. Gelgoog offers tailor made potato chips flavoring drum machines to meet customer needs.

automatic potato chips flavor mixer
Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

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Application of Chips Flavoring Drum Machine

The flavoring machine is a great investment with wide application. Except for potato chips, the food flavoring machine can add seasons and flavors to a great variety of food products, like snack foods, prepared foods, meat, poultry, and seafood, nuts, french fries, coffee and tea, pasta, cheese, pet food and treats, and so on. Both the spray applicator and flavoring drums can be customized to meet customer needs and requirements.

Benefits of Potato Chips Flavor Mixer Machines

1. Optimal flavoring results. With effective spraying and flavoring system, the potato chips seasoning equipment can ensure consistent and uniform coverage.
2. Compact design. Our fried chips flavoring equipment is of compact design with small foot print.
3. Robust structure. The whole structure of the potato chips flavor adding machine is made of 304 stainless steel, meeting hygienic standards.
4. Easy to clean and maintain. Taking cleaning and maintenance work into consideration, the potato chips seasoning machine is specially designed so that it is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring low maintenance costs as well as food safety.
5. Custom design. The potato chips flavor mixing machines can be customized in configurations and so on to meet clients needs and requirements. The most suitable one is the best.

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