Potato Cutting Machine

Potato cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into various shapes, such as strips, chips, cubes and so on. And then the cut potatoes are made into various popular snacks like chips and french fries. In order to obtain high quality end product, the cutting should be consistent and precise with less waste and damage. With high technology, our potato cutting machine for chips and french fries can do optimal operation with high efficiency. And it is also built according to your needs, with user friendliness and minimal maintenance. It is the essential equipment for your french fries and chips making businesses. Please contact our dedicated engineer for more information.

commercial cutting machine for potatoes and other vegetables and fruits
Potato Chips Cutter
potato cutting machine manufacturer
French Fry Cutter

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Types of Commercial Potato Cutter Machines

As a professional manufacturer of potato cutter machine, we offer a great variety of automatic cutting machines for potato chips and french fries. Usually, our cutting machines for chips and french fries are mechanical ones that can work continuously. And according to your needs, they can be designed and manufactured to process various capacity of potatoes with various shapes. Some of cutting machines are multi-functional, for they can cut different fruits and vegetables all in one machine. And some are designed in a genius way so that you can change cutter blades easily to cut different shapes of product.

cutting machine for potatoes and other vegetables
Commercial Potato Cutter
industrial potato french fries cutter
Finger Chips Slicer

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Applications of Automatic Potato Slicer

In light of the fact that our potato cutting machine is mechanical, it is suitable for industrial and commercial use. For it can process large quantity of potatoes continuously. Except for potatoes, the cutter machine can be also used to cut other fruits and vegetables into various shapes. And it can be applied both individually and in complete processing line. Take our automatic potato slicer machine for example. In production line for potato chips and french fries, the cutter machine is often positioned after peeling machine, cutting the cleaned potatoes into slices or stripes.

vegetable and fruit cutting machine manufacturer
Multi-Functional Cutter Machine
potato chips and french fries cutter
Potato Slicer Machine

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Benefits of Potato Cutting Machine

  1. Quality end product. Using water pressure and innovative technology, our cutting machine for chips and french fries can cut the potato in optimal way with minimal waste and damage.
  2. Quality materials. The whole cutter machine is built with 304 stainless steel, which makes it durable and sanitary to use. As a result, there is minimal maintenance work to do.
  3. Designed for sanitation. Except for the stainless steel, the potato cutting machine is designed for quick and thorough sanitation and changeout, ensuring the safety of food.
  4. Multi-functional and compact design. The cutting machine can be used to cut potatoes, carrots, apples and other fruits and vegetables in various desirable shapes. Besides, the machine is small in scale, occupying less space.

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