Potato Frying Machine

Potato frying machine refers to potato chips frying machine and french fries frying machine. For potato chips and french fries are famous potato processing products that are widely consumed by people all around the world. In a process line for chips or french fries, the fryer is a vital piece of equipment, for it can determine the texture and color of end product. Gelgoog frying machines for chips and french fry are designed and manufactured carefully. And with constant innovation in technology, our chips and french fries fryer machines can deliver not only good result, but also sustainable use of oil and energy.

commercial chips and french fries frying machine
Potato Product Deep Fryer

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ModelHeatingPowerSize(MM)Weight(KG)Capacity(KG)Belt Width(MM)Oil(L)Gas



















Types of Chips Fryer and French Fries Fryer

As a leading manufacturer in food processing equipment, we constantly improve technologies in deep frying machines for commercial use. And they can be used to deep fry a great variety of vegetables and fruits. As for our potato fryers for chips and french fries, they are built to produce optimum final results. Mainly there are three types of potato chips frying machines and french fries fryer machines for each. They are different in styles and shapes. One is in the shape of large round pot with batches in the center, which is preferable for small chips and french fries making businesses. The second type is equipped with steel baskets, ranging from one to three. This types of fryer is best suited for restaurants, street stood, and other small food processing businesses. And the third one is continuous frying machine, which is usually used in production lines for potato chips or french fries. And this continuous fryer is also can be configured according to your needs in capacities and so on. As for the the energy, our french fries and potato chips frying machines can use gas, electricity and and other energy, which can be tailor made to meet your requirements.

batch type frying machine manufacturer
Batch Type Fryer
fryer machine for potato chips and french fries
Commercial Fryer Machine

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Chips and French Fries Frying Machine Price

Since there are types of frying machines available, and they also can be tailor made, the prices can vary from one kind to another. One thing for sure is that you can get quality potato chips and french fries fryers from us at competitive prices. For it is our mission to offer top potato frying machines with reasonable prices. Besides, all the fryer machines are designed and manufactured by our own professional and dedicated engineers and workers. If you want to set up your potato chips or french fries making businesses, you can contact us for tailored turnkey solutions freely. Working hand-to-hand with you, our dedicated engineers will deliver the best suitable solutions for you. And then we can provide the responding price lists and even videos for your frying machines.

Heating WayElectricGas
Gas burner:10w
Machine Size1500*1400*17002100*1400*1700
CapacityAbout 40kg/timeAbout 40kg/time
Fry Box Sizeφ1000*400φ1000*400
Fuel consumption320320
Air consumption12m³

Advantages of  Fryer Machine for Chips and French fries

  1. Optimum end product. Our deep fryers can ensure high constant temperature, reliable steam discharge and adjustable time transit. All these make sure that you can produce top quality final products with desirable color and taste.
  2. Sustainable use of oil and energy. Producing good result is not enough. Designed with innovative technology, our potato chips and french fries frying machines can also use oil and energy in effective way. During the frying process, the remains are filtered, which can not also protect the oil but also ensure the quality of final product.
  3. Sanitary design. All of our potato chips and french fries fryer machines are made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring the safety of food. Besides, all of them are designed with easy accessibility so that every part of them can be easily cleaned, making it easy for through cleanness and quick maintenance.
  4. Great durability. All of our deep fryers for chips and french fries are made of quality stainless steel, and manufactured with great care. As a result, these deep fryer machines can work for long time, getting quick returns from your investment.
  5. Tailor made design. All the configurations of our potato chips and french fries frying machines can be designed according to your needs and requirements in capacities and so on.

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