Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Potato washing and peeling machine is multi-functional machine, for it can both wash and peel potatoes in an effective and efficient way. Besides, except for potatoes, it can also wash and peel other root vegetables, such as cassavas, carrots, ginger, and so on. With abrasive brushes and water spraying devices, commercial potato washing and peeling can wash and peel at the same time. And the materials of the abrasive brushes can be changed to wash and peel potatoes with different skins. Due to our rich experience, we can custom design industrial potato washer and peeler machines to suit your needs. Please contact us for more detailed information

Automatic potato washing and peeling machine
Automatic potato washing and peeling machine

potato washing and peeling machine for sale

potato washing and peeling machine for farm use industrial potato washing and peeling machine price


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Potato Cleaning and Peeling Machine Configuration

Our potato washing and peeling machines generally consist of cleaning and peeling chambers, drums of various materials, motors, gearboxes and high-pressure washing systems. As the potatoes are fed into the chamber, wash them with a nylon roller. At the same time, the high-pressure water spray pipe can spray water to wash the soil and other foreign objects on the surface of the potatoes. After the potatoes are cleaned, you can use a roller to coat with a hard material to peel the potatoes. At this point, the sprayed water will wash away the skin. As for the motor, it keeps the washing and peeling machine running smoothly. The gearbox can help adjust operating speed, peel depth, etc. The operating mode of our potato washing and peeling machines is abrasive. The machine can be equipped with 6-15 grinding rollers, which can be coated with nylon and emery. Usually, in the washing process, a drum made of special nylon is used. And when peeling, use a harder material, such as emery, to peel the potatoes clean. Thanks to continuous innovation, our potato washing and peeling machines ensure high cleanliness in the final product with minimal skin loss and energy efficiency.

Potato Washing and Peeling MachinePowder(KW)Size(mm)Capacity(KG/H)Weight(KG)Roller Size(mm)

Potato Washing and Peeling machine benefits:

  1. High Efficient. Our potato washing and peeling machines efficiently wash and peel potatoes in one machine. This also saves you money on buying both machines separately.
  2. Simple and Durable Design. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is reliable and durable and has a long service life. And can guarantee the safety of the product during the processing.
  3. Great feasibility. The configuration of roller type, numbers of rollers, processing speed, and so on are easily adjustable to meet your exact needs.
  4. Easy maintenance. Except for the easy assessment of the washing and peeling chamber, the rollers of our potato washing and peeling machines are easy to disassemble. As a result, the smart design allows for easy and thorough cleaning.
  5. Sanitary design. At the bottom of the machine, there is a waste collection area, which makes it easy to clean the waste. Together with filtering, the waste debris and wastewater can be collected separately.
  6. Competitive Price. When it comes to the price of a potato washing and peeling machine, we can guarantee that you can get a quality machine at an affordable price from us. For us, as a reliable manufacturer of potato processing equipment, our professional engineers and dedicated workers in our factories design and build machines.

potato washing machine with peeling function

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