Potato Washing Machine

Our industrial potato washing machine is used in potato processing line, such as chip making line and french fries line. Cleaning of to be processes potatoes is the initial stage of a process line, and it determines the success of further processing. As a result, it must be done in the right way so as to obtain quality end product with great yield. Thanks to many years of experience, our potato washing machine deliver great results with cleaned potato without other foreign materials in an efficient way. And to get this optimal result, our potato washer machine uses water flow and specific shape of rinsing basin. Potato washing machine for sale in Gelgoog is your preferable choice.

industrial potato washing line
Vegetable Washing Line

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Kinds of Commercial Potato Washer Machines

Brush Type Potato Washing Machine

The working of this type of potato washing machine is based on mutual friction between rollers and potatoes. Usually, the machine is equipped with several rollers in its cleaning chamber. And the rollers are coated with nylon. When the machine is started, the rollers begin to rotate. During rotation, the rollers and fed-in potatoes make friction. And with help of water flow, the soil and other foreign materials are cleaned and washed away. In this way, the potatoes are cleaned. In fact, we also provide potato washer and peeler in one machine, working the same way as the brush type washing machine. The difference is when it comes to peeling, the surface of the rollers are changed with harder materials, such as carborundum. As a matter of fact, this brush type washing machine can wash and peel a variety of vegetables and fruits, except for potatoes.

industrial potato washing machine
Brush Type Potato Washer

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Bubble Type Vegetable Washing Machine

While the brush type potato washing machine can clean and wash root vegetables and fruits, bubble type washing equipment is suitable for vegetables and fruits which need gentle and delicate washing, such as leaf vegetables and strawberry and so on. As in potato processing line, brush type washing machine is often positioned before cutter. Bubble type potato washing machine is often situated after the cutter, washing foreign materials from the cut potato. Bubble type vegetable washing machine is equipped with belt conveyor and a bubble generator. The theory behind this is that the bursting of bubbles can help clean the products. So after the potatoes are cut into slices or strips, they are transported to the bubble washing machine. With constant bubbling water, the cut potatoes are cleaned thoroughly.

commercial potato washing machine
Bubble Type Vegetable Washer
Bubble Type Washing MachinePower(KW)Size(MM)Weight(KG)Mesh width(MM)
The above three powers are: air bubble, conveyor motor mesh belt and water pump.

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Features of Potato Washer Machine

  1. Good result. Due to constant innovation of technology, our potato washing machines can clean and wash potatoes in efficient way with minimum damage. Besides, our machines use water and energy in sustainable way.
  2. Robust design. No matter which kinds of potato washer machines you want, they are all built with quality 304 stainless steel with high standard. This makes the machine reliable and durable for your potato processing businesses.
  3. Sanitation design. Except for the stainless steel build, our potato washing equipment is designed and manufactured with great accessibility. This allows quick cleanness and thorough maintenance work.
  4. Competitive prices. Designed and engineered in our factory, our vegetable washer machines are at competitive prices.

Potato Washing Equipment Supplier

We are a leading designer and manufacturer of vegetables fruits processing line in China. For cleaning is essential for further processes, we improve our technology in a consistent way to ensure our washing machines for fruits and vegetables are effective and efficient. As a reliable potato washing machine supplier, we design and engineer the vegetable washers in innovative way to meet customer needs and requirements. And they are of great reliability and performance, for they are all built with high quality materials. Besides, all these potato washing machines are designed and manufactured in our own factory. In all, we provide you with quality tailor made industrial potato washer machines with competitive prices.

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