Seafood Quick Freezing Machine

Seafood quick freezing machine can flash freeze a great variety of seafood quickly while do no damage to the textures of seafood, like frozen fish, frozen shrimps, frozen seafood mix and so on. Using IQF technology, our seafood quick freezer can freeze a great quantities of seafood separately. With flash freezing, the seafood is covered with small ice crystals which do no damage to the fibers of the food. Frozen seafood is on great demand nowadays for more and more people want to enjoy fresh seafood all year around. And the seafood freezing machine with IQF technology is the right answer. A tailored IQF seafood freezing system is vital for your seafood processing line. seafood tunnel freezer for sale

Seafood Freezer Machine

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IQF Seafood Tunnel Freezer Machine

Seafood tunnel freezing machine is inline freezer that provides smooth transportation of seafood products. The tunnel freezer for seafood is continuous freezer which can ensure accurate freezing time with high quality. What’s more, the seafood flash freezer can quick freeze a great amount of seafood with low operation cost. The fluidized quick freezer uses mechanical vibration and wind pressure to prevent the frozen product from sticking together.
1. This series of quick-freezing device forms a strong cold wind steam flow with a large flow rate vertically, and uses a unique wind guide device to reasonably distribute the air and evenly distribute the air flow. Fully expose the material to strong cold wind. The lower part of the mesh belt is equipped with an independent pulse vibration device, so that the gap of the mesh belt is not blocked by frost, reducing the wind resistance and smooth airflow. And make the material not agglomerate, not stick to the net and form a monomer. The quick freezing process of full fluidized monomers is realized, and the quick freezing speed is fast, which greatly improves the freezing output.
2. The fluidized bed is a circulating, smooth running mesh belt. The product is not deformed or broken to a large extent during the quick freezing process. The operation of the mesh belt is infinitely variable and the speed range is wide. The user can change the running speed of the mesh belt according to the different materials, thereby changing the freezing time. This series of freezer can freeze a variety of small-sized products such as vegetable and fruit cubes.
It is suitable for granular, flake and block foods such as vegetables and fruits.

seafood quick freezer machine
Seafood Quick Freezer Machine

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Advantages of IQF Seafood Tunnel Freezer

1 High-efficiency. The IQF seafood tunnel freezing machine can freeze a great lot of seafood with short time period. The freezing temperature can reach minus 60 degrees within minutes.
2 Excellent quality of frozen seafood. Cold air with strong velocity is adopted, and the freezing speed is fast, thereby ensuring the quality of frozen products.
3 Great heat transfer efficiency. With all-aluminum evaporator and special designed fan, the heat transfer in the tunnel freezer is effective and efficient, ensuring the quality of freezing as well as saving energy.
4 Easy cleaning. Due to smart design as well as stainless steel build, the tunnel freezer is easy to clean and overhaul.
5.Great versatility. Except for seafood, the quick freezer can flash freeze a great variety of products like, frozen french fries, frozen vegetables and fruits, meat and so on.
5.Custom design. The configurations of the seafood quick freezer can be tailor made to meet your needs and requirements.

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