Select Right Type Potato Product Fryer

In both potato chips making line and potato french fries making plant, the frying process is vital for the optimum quality of final products. As a result, you have to choose the suitable frying machine for your potato chips and french fries making businesses. In this article, we will introduce you three types potato chips and french fries fryer machines in our factory, and we evaluate them separately.

potato chips and french fries fryer manufacturer
Continuous Fryer Machine

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Types of Chips and French Fries Fryers

In our factory, we mainly provide three types of frying machines for potato and other vegetables processing. One is batch type one with round pan, and second one is continuous frying machine, the third one basket type fryer machine. As for applications, all these three types of frying machines can deep fry not only potato products but also other vegetables and pastry. However, they can be used for different scales of production lines. For example, the batch type fryer machine are often used in semi-automatic processing line for potato chips and french fries. While the continuous frying machine is applied in automatic potato chips and french fries making lines. At last, the basket type fryer machines are usually found in small food processing stores and street food stands. As these different situations suggest, continuous fryer machine can process products with large capacity, the batch type medium capacity, the basket one small capacity production. And the prices of theses frying machines become more cheaper with less production capacity. So you can choose the suitable one for your potato chips and french fries making businesses.

fryer machine for potato chips and french fries
Commercial Fryer Machine
batch type frying machine manufacturer
Batch Type Fryer

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Benefits of Fryer Machines in Gelgoog

  1. Robust design. No matter which kind of fryer machine you choose, they are all built with quality 304 stainless steel, designed for great durability.
  2. Ease maintenance. Except for the stainless steel design, all our potato chips and french fries frying machines are carefully designed so that they can be cleaned quickly and maintained thoroughly. All these ensure the sanitation frying of your products.
  3. Competitive prices. Designed and manufactured in our own factory, our potato product fryer machines enjoy competitive prices compared to our competitors.
  4. Customized design. Our chips and finger chips frying machines can be tailor made in size, material, capacity handling and so on to meet your needs and requirements.

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