Small Scale Banana &Plantain Chips Plant

Small scale banana &plantain chips plant is designed for small banana and plantain chips making business that needs smaller production capacity. Due to the fact that plantain chips and banana chips are popular snack foods enjoyed by people around the world, it is profitable to start your own banana wafer making unit. And for individuals, it is advisable to start with plantain chips and banana chips mini plants from the start. With our years of expertise and experience, we can provide customized turnkey solutions for your small banana chips and plantain chips plants. Besides, we also design and manufacture high quality banana chips making machines for your process lines. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated workers.

semi-automatic plantain chips production line
Small Banana Plantain Chips Plant

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Semi-automatic Plantain&Banana Chips Line

Banana and plantain chips mini plants are often equipped with semi-automatic banana chips making machines. That is, the whole plantain chips manufacturing processes are done by both machines and human labors. And due to the delicate characteristics of bananas and plantains, the initial steps of the processes are done by experienced workers. Besides, in semi-automatic banana chips line, the products are often transferred by human from one processing stage to another. While in fully automatic plantain chips making lines, the products are all processed and transferred by respective machines. In light of these features, the semi-automatic plantain chips production line is suitable for small scale banana chips making business with small and medium capacity needs. And usually the costs of human labors are much cheaper.

Small Banana Wafer Line Making Processes

When the bananas arrive in, workers will sort and grade them, eliminating the defective ones. This process can ensure the quality of raw material. Then the workers will peel and trim the plantains and bananas so that they are prepared for next processes. Since the bananas are delicate and different in shapes and sizes, experienced workers should do the peeling work to save raw materials. Next, the peeled bananas will be cut into thin slices, which often fall into water to preserve color. And then the banana slices will be dried, removing extra water. And the next is the important frying process. The plantain slices will be deep fried in high temperature oil. After frying, the fried banana chips will be drained off extra oil and cooled down so that they can be handled in next processes: flavoring and packaging. As for the flavoring process, it adds different flavors to the banana chips, making them delicious. And finally the banana chips will be packed so that they can have long shelf life.

 Making Machines for Mini Banana Chips Plant

  1. Banana chips cutter. It is used to bananas and plantains into thin slices with adjustable thickness. In fact, our banana chips cutting machine is multifunctional for it can not only cut bananas but also a great many other vegetables and fruits too.
  2. De-watering machine. It is designed to remove extra water on the surfaces of plantain slices before frying. Our dehydrator uses vibrating system, which can effectively drain off water without damage to products themselves.
  3. Banana chips fryer. Our plantain chips frying machine allows for precise oil temperature control, fast removal of fines, and adjustable conveyor speed. These combined can deliver superior quality of banana chips with sustainable uses of oil and energy.
  4. De-fatting machine. This machine can drain off extra oil on the surface of fried plantain chips, preventing them from clogging together. With vibrating system, the de-oiling machine do minimum damage to the fried banana chips.
  5. Air drying machine. It is used to cool down the hot banana chips with ambient air, and prepare them for next handling processes.
  6. Flavoring machine. The flavoring mixer is used to add delicious flavors to the banana chips. With smart designs, our seasoning machine can spread flavors evenly on banana chips.
  7. Packaging machine. The final packaging can not only improve the plantain chips’shelf life, but also make easy transportation possible. What’s more, unique packaging can serve as promotion tool itself. Our banana chips packing machine can do the packaging effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Small Plantain Chips Making Unit

  • Customized solutions. Thanks to years of experience, we offer tailor made turnkey solutions for your small banana chips production lines. Suitable solution is vital for the success of your plantain chips making business.
  • Quality machines. Small as it is, our banana chips plant are equipped with high grade plantain chips making machines. All of them are made of high quality food grade stainless steels. These make the machines not only durable but also sanitary for operation.
  • Great versatility. In face, except for making banana chips, the process line can be used to process other vegetables and fruits with quick changeover. This makes the banana chips line a great investment.
  • Superior final results. With advanced technology, our plantain chips making machines can deliver high quality banana chips with less use of energy.
  • Competitive prices. When it comes the small banana chips line prices, we strive to your the best suited equipment with reasonable prices. Besides, since all of the banana chips processing machines are designed and engineered in our own factory, you can enjoy competitive prices.

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