Spiral Washer Machine for Vegetables

Spiral washer machine for vegetables is newly designed washing machine in our factory. It is designed for washing cut vegetables, especially leafy vegetables and fruits. With swirling action and force of water in the water basin, the cut vegetables can be washed thoroughly and gently, without damage to their nutrition. After washing, the vegetables will be transported to a vibrating belt, where rinsing water will clean the vegetables and fruits again. These two stages of washing ensure the vegetables and fruits are thoroughly cleaned. As for the excess water in the washing process, they can be redirected to water basin again by pump.

Spiral Washer Machine for Vegetables
Customized Vegetable Washing Machine

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Features of Vegetable Spiral Washing Machine

  1. Smart design. Due to the fact that vegetables and fruits are delicate, our spiral washer machine is designed smartly with high technology. To eliminate damage, the vegetables washer machine uses swirling water to clean the vegetables and fruits. And the vegetables and fruits are transported by water flow so as to eliminate damages.
  2. Thorough cleanness. To wash the cut vegetables and fruits cleanly, our spiral washer uses two kinds of washing: the force of swirling water at first, and the rinsing water late. Combined, the washing process can wash leafy vegetables and fruits in an effectively way. Besides, there is filtering system too, so that residues can be filtered.
  3. Vibrator belt. At the end of the washing process, there is stainless vibrator which can drain excess water.
  4. Stainless steel built. The whole structure of our vegetable washing machine is built with stainless steels. And all parts are welded perfectly.  This makes the machine durable and sanitary.
  5. Adjustable settings. The swirling water flow and the dwell time of vegetables and fruits can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  6. Customized design. According to your needs, we can customize our vegetables washing machines in sizes, configurations, capacities, materials and so on.
  7. Muti-function. Our spiral washing machine can wash a great many of cut vegetables and fruits gently and cleanly. In this way, it is a highly valuable investment for you.

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