How Do You Store French Fried Onions and Make Crispy ?

In order to ensure the taste and food safety, the fried onions should be protected from exposure to the sun, placed in a clean and sealed container, and stored at a low temperature in a dark and cool place. Ready-to-eat fried onions are best eaten within a week. Try to avoid prolonged storage and do not put fried onions with other fried foods. One is to prevent odor, and the other is to prevent the oxidation of oil from contaminating each other. This article will show you how to keep fried onions and solve the problem of not crispy fried onions.

making and keep fried onion be crisp
Making and keeping fried onion be crisp

The common way to preserve fried onions is: ①Place them in a ventilated place ②Do not refrigerate fried onions ③Cool before packing
How to fix fried onions not crispy? ①Control the frying temperature and frying time ②Fry again
The following will give you a detailed explanation.

1. How To Store Fried Onions

1. Place In a Ventilated Place.

After the fried onions are cooled, do not “cover”. After “covering” the air is not ventilated, moisture will be generated, which will make the fried onions not crispy.

2.Do Not Refrigerate.

In the same way as “covering”, putting fried onions in an airtight refrigerator will also generate moisture due to storage in airtight conditions, making fried onions not crispy.

3.Pack After Cooling.

If the fried onions need to be wrapped, also wait until the fried onions have cooled before wrapping, this will keep the fried onions crispy.

2. What Should I Do If The Fried Onions Are Not Crispy?

1. Adjust The Frying Settings.

Frying onions with frying equipment requires setting the oil temperature and cooking time.

2. Carry Out Re-Frying.

That is, it is the best way to fry it twice. The best way is to choose to fry a portion of the onion, let the rest cool, and then take out a portion for frying when you want to eat it. Usually fried to 7 minutes cooked, set aside, and then fry when you want to eat.

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