Deep Fried Sushi Maki Rolls Frying Machine

Deep fried sushi rolls making machine is a product that fry seaweed. The shape of the seaweed is maintained, and the output and equipment can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Deep fried maki rolls have also become popular because they use fresh ingredients and satisfy a healthy diet. Deep-fried sushi rolls look more pleasing, appetizing, and appeal to food lovers who value taste and convenience over calories. The deep-fried sushi rolls available in large supermarkets are now processed in the factory’s frying line, the core of which is the continuous fryer.

We will introduce to you the specific processing process, features and advantages of sushi roll frying machine – continuous fryer machine.

Deep Fried Sushi Roll Frying Machine – Specific Application of Continuous Frying machine

Sushi Roll Frying machine – The continuous fryer is filled with oil after the test machine is normal. After the heating reaches the frying temperature, the frying process can be started. The general frying temperature is 180 ℃, and the specific temperature setting depends on the local processing technology.

The prepared sushi rolls pass through the elevator and then enter the continuous fryer for frying. The design of the upper and lower double-layer mesh belts of the frying machine enables the sushi rolls to maintain a uniform frying color when they float up during the frying process. The fried sushi rolls are conveyed through a mesh belt, and the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted at will according to customer needs. The sushi frying machine is equipped with an automatic oil replenishment system, which can replenish the oil consumed during the use of the equipment at any time. After the frying process is over, turn off the heating pipe, and the circulating oil pump continues to run to cool the oil temperature. Depending on the situation, choose to transfer the oil to the oil tank or store it in the fryer. The continuous fried maki rolls fryer can be combined with other automated equipment to form an automated production line, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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sushi seaweed frying machine
sushi seaweed frying machine

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Deep Fried Sushi Rolls Frying Machine- Continuous Frying Machine Features

The continuous seaweed fryer machine adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively relieve the oxidation degree of the frying oil, and inhibit the rise of the acid medium. temperature, thus prolonging the life of frying oil. Keep the frying oil clean, so that the color of the fried sushi rolls is uniform and consistent, which not only improves the product quality, prolongs the shelf life, and brings higher added value to the fried sushi rolls. The advanced mechanical configuration and control can always maintain a good working condition, which not only improves the output but also makes the quality of sushi rolls stable, and the color, aroma and taste are unified.

Deep Fried Maki Rolls Frying Machine – Advantages Of Continuous Frying Machine

The sushi continuous fryer adopts the most advanced frying equipment production technology in the world, which completely changes the structure of the traditional frying equipment and fundamentally solves the drawbacks of the traditional frying pan. Automatic filtering, intelligent temperature control,can realize automatic heating, automatic discharge etc., effectively reduce labor costs, more convenient and intelligent. Electricity, heat transfer oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, external circulation heating and other methods can be used. It can fry famous foods at the same time, without smelling each other. One machine is multi-purpose. It can be used in large food factories and can make most of the fried snacks, such as french fries, potato chips, donuts, peanuts and other foods.

The sushi roll frying machine developed by our company – continuous frying machine has high efficiency, high output, high quality fried products, and saves frying oil. Over the years, it has been widely praised by more than 2,000 cooperative enterprises. If you want to know more about deep frying sushi rolls, please feel free to contact us by phone.