You Should Know Before Buy Banana Chip Line

Before you buy banana chip line,what you should know about banana chip frying line.

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1: What kind of banana is more suitable for banana chips?

When choosing bananas for banana chips, it is best to choose 6 ripe bananas, and more than 7 ripe bananas are not suitable. Because overripe bananas are not easy to get a good banana slice shape, and overripe bananas will not taste good when fried.


2: What frying machines are available on the market?

Oil-water separation type: suitable for materials with little residue, such as French fries, banana chips, potato chips; the water needs to be replaced once a day in summer, and once every two days in winter.

Pure oil type: suitable for powdered materials, such as coated peanuts; need to have scraping function.

External heating type: suitable for a variety of materials. The external heating type fryer has a large area, but has little oil and gas loss. External heating requires a boiler. The boiler belongs to special equipment. The country has requirements for the production, installation and use of the boiler.

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3: Which type of fryer should I choose?

Generally speaking, electric heating is better than air heating.

Comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of different heating methods:

Heating WayAdvantageDisadvantage
Electric heatingGood stability; high safety; oil can be heated directlyThe temperature rise is slow and the cost is higher.
Gas heatingBurn through the burner and directly contact the material for heating; suitable for rapid heatingThe gas connection requirements are high, so some places need to apply for a certificate with the local government before proceeding.

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In addition to the above three questions, what details do I need to know?

Power consumption

Fuel consumption

Water Consumption

Air consumption

Labor costs

cost of material

These details are not uniform, but need equipment to calculate. If you want to engage in banana chip production line, you can contact us. Our account manager will send you detailed information. And guide the development of banana chip business.