Tunnel Freezer Machine

Tunnel freezer is also known as freezing machine. It is widely used in frozen french fries line and other frozen vegetables and fruits processing line. Generally, it can be used to freeze fruits, french fries, cut and dice meat, seafood and others. In frozen french fries production plant, the freezer is a vital machine. Usually, it is situated between cooling machine and packaging machine. As the cooler cools down fried french fries, the freezing machine decreases the temperature further. Designed with high technology, our tunnel freezer can freeze the french fries quickly to minus 38 degrees in an effective and efficient way. It is the suitable solution for your frozen food processing line. And we can configure the tunnel freezers to your needs and requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Frozen French Fry Quick Freezer
quick freezer machine for vegetables and fruits
Tunnel Freezer

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Configuration of French Fries Freezer Machine

Our tunnel freezer is consist of various components so that it can achieve good freezing results with high efficiency. When the french fries are transported to the freezer, they first come to the in-feed station. From here, the french fries and other product can be transported on belt to the freezer smoothly. And the belt can be cleaned during production. Besides, there is vibrator, which gently agitate the french fries on belt with adjustable speed. These parts are the central parts of our tunnel freezer for frozen french fries line. Except that, there are evaporators built in-house so that they can transfer heat in a durable and optimal way and airflow system that use latest technology. As for the outside of the freezer, it is insulated by stainless steel hood, preventing energy loss.

Benefits of French Fries Tunnel Freezer

  1. Durability. The whole structure of our freezing machine is built with stainless steels, which make the machine durable and can work for long time.
  2. Flexibility. Our tunnel freezer can freeze a wide range of fruits and vegetables, sliced meats and seafood.
  3.  Hygiene. The whole structure of the freezer, both inside and outside are fully welded, ensuring the sanitation of processing. Besides, the freezing machine is elevated uprights from floor to reduce bacteria trapping areas.
  4. Easy installation. Our french fries freezer does not need special flooring. And all parts can assembled easily.
  5. Ease maintenance. All components are easily accessible so that allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance.
  6. Customer design. The configurations of our tunnel freezer can be built to meet your needs.

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