Potato Process Machinery

Except for potato chips and french fries process lines, we also provide quality individual processing machines. As we all know, producing potato chips and french fries from fresh potatoes should go through several processes, from initial sorting and grading to final packaging. As a reliable and experienced manufacturer, we design and engineer all these stand-alone machines according to your needs and requirements. First-class equipment determines the success of your potato chips and french fry making businesses. And all our machinery comes with competitive prices, ensuring you low investment with high returns.

stainless steel grading machine for vegetables

Vegetable and Fruit Sorting and Grading Machine

In vegetables and fruits processing line, sorting and grading machine is used to sort and grade the basis materials. In potato processing line, such as chips process line and french fries line, sorting and grading potatoes is often the first ...
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industrial potato washing line

Potato Washing Machine

Our industrial potato washing machine is used in potato processing line, such as chip making line and french fries line. Cleaning of to be processes potatoes is the initial stage of a process line, and it determines the success of ...
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Automatic potato washing and peeling machine

Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Potato washing and peeling machine is multi-functional machine, for it can both wash and peel potatoes in an effective and efficient way. Besides, except for potatoes, it can also wash and peel other root vegetables, such as cassavas, carrots, ginger, ...
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commercial cutting machine for potatoes and other vegetables and fruits

Potato Cutting Machine

Potato cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into various shapes, such as strips, chips, cubes and so on. And then the cut potatoes are made into various popular snacks like chips and french fries. In order to obtain high ...
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continuous blanching machine

Blanching Machine

Blanching machine can be simply named as blancher. In a complete French fry and  potato chips making line, the blanching machine is situated between potato cutting machine and frying machine. It is used to blanch cut potatoes. The blanching is ...
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dewatering machine manufacturer

Dewatering Machine

Dewatering machine is also known as drying machine and dehydrator machine. In potato chips or french fries making line, the dehydrating machine is often situated between blancher and air drying machine. It is used to dry the potato product before ...
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commercial chips and french fries frying machine

Potato Frying Machine

Potato frying machine refers to potato chips frying machine and french fries frying machine. For potato chips and french fries are famous potato processing products that are widely consumed by people all around the world. In a process line for ...
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defatting machine for potato chips and french fries

Deoiling Machine

Deoiling machine can be also called defatting machine. In potato processing line for chips or french fries, this machine is positioned right after frying machine. After being fried, the potato chips or french fries are covered with oil. The defatting ...
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air cooling machine for french fries

Air Drying Machine

Air drying machine is also known as cooling machine. In potato chips and french fries making lines, air drying machine is used to dry and cool down potato products, such as potato chips and french fries. And it is often ...
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stainless steel quick freezer machine

Tunnel Freezer Machine

Tunnel freezer is also known as freezing machine. It is widely used in frozen french fries line and other frozen vegetables and fruits processing line. Generally, it can be used to freeze fruits, french fries, cut and dice meat, seafood ...
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flavoring drum machine for sale

Flavoring Machine

Flavoring machine is also known as seasoning mixing machine or flavor dosing machine. It is used to spray oil and other additives on snacks for flavoring. In potato chips and french fries processing line, flavoring machine is often positioned before ...
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potato chips packaging machine

Chips and French Fries Packing Machine

Potato chips and french fries packing machine is used to pack end products like potato chips and french fries. Packaging is the end process of potato chips line and french fries making line. Packing can not only protect the end ...
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